How I Reversed Prediabetes Naturally & The Warning Signs Of Prediabetes You Can’t Ignore!

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How I Reversed Prediabetes Naturally

I was able to get rid of my prediabetes naturally without prescription meds. Keep reading to discover the warning signs &  how you can reverse your diagnosis too!

You’ll never forget it. You go to the doctor for a “routine” check-up or so you tell yourself. But you know somethings up. You had been feeling, well, different.

You go to the bathroom more often.

You are hungrier than usual.

Strange things are happening to your body but you don’t really want to deal with it so you just pray that it’s not a big deal. It’s probably just stress-related, right?

You’re just hoping that they are not signs of prediabetes or the real deal type 2 diabetes.

But the doctor has bad news.

You are pre-diabetic and if you don’t start to make some changes asap then you will be a full-blown diabetic before long.

But you are determined that insulin shots, Metformin, and other prescription drugs are not going to be in your future, not if you have anything to say about it.

And you do. If you have prediabetes, like I did some years ago, there’s also good news.

Prediabetes can be reversed naturally!

You can reverse prediabetes naturally.

I did it and you can too.

\And if you want to be healthy, then getting rid of disease should be high on your list of priorities.

So you’ve got to get on it.

You’ve got to start making changes right now.

I thank God that He gave me another chance to get it right and not be tied to blood glucose monitors for the rest of my life.

He’s given you another chance too and I know that this time you are going to make the changes necessary to beat this thing.

I just want to first tell you a little bit about my story of being diagnosed with prediabetes and some of the signs of prediabetes if you haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Then we will talk about some healthy and natural solutions to help you reverse your prediabetes!

And before you go any further you can download my Prediabetes Road To Reversal Checklist free of charge.


Because I want you to walk away from this blog post armed with some actionable steps to take when you’re done.

These are the steps I took to reverse my prediabetes and I want you to have some key takeaways so you can do the same.

Prediabetes can be reversed and you can use this checklist to help you take concrete steps to make that happen.

Just enter your email address below and the link and password to the resource library where the checklist is will be sent to your inbox. 

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Oh yeah, and this post contains affiliate links to great products that will help you in your journey to reversing prediabetes. I will get a commission if you decide to buy from these links but I’m only recommending products that I feel confident about. 

 A  Little Bit About My Diagnosis And The Warning Signs of Prediabetes

I’d grown up hearing about diabetes because my grandmother has it and it runs on both sides of my family so I was very familiar with the disease.

Around 10 years ago, I could tell something was wrong with me. I weighed over 300 pounds at the time which was unbelievable to me.

I had let myself go due to depression (I’m a firm believer that we don’t overeat just because we love food…there’s usually a deeper reason).

And I just felt awful physically.

I was tired all the time, incredibly moody, hungry for no reason because I had eaten plenty, skin issues that were unexplainable and painful, and I was too scared to go to the doctor to find out what was going on.

I knew the Lord wanted me to go get a checkup but I was too frightened to go because I felt sure that I had diabetes and I just didn’t want to know.

However, as the symptoms worsened I finally decided that this was too important to ignore.

I finally went to the clinic available through my work. I got various tests done including an A1C.

I had to wait a few agonizing days to get my results back and to say I was nervous is an understatement.

Well praise God, it turned out I was only prediabetic and not diabetic.

God had given me another chance to make some changes and I did.

Related: One of the things that have helped me to lose weight is meal planning. Read my meal planning article here on how I lost 4 pounds in a week.

How Prediabetes Helped Me Start Working Towards My Weight Loss Goals

Once I got my diagnosis, I was scared but I was also determined to stem the tide that I was on. I knew I had to start making some changes like I said.

I kept staring at the treadmill that was sitting in the den so lonely because no one would play with him.

I finally decided to start actually using it instead of just thinking about using it like I had for months.

I hated it but I kept going.

Then a friend introduced me to Walk At Home DVDs. I liked those a lot more and started using those.

The walk at home dvds helped me lose at 35 pounds if not more.

I also started changing how I ate. I ate smaller portions and I started paying attention to what I ate and what was going in my body.

All of this played a part in my being able to reverse my prediabetes naturally.

prediabetes normal diabetic blood sugar ranges

What Are Prediabetes and Diabetes?

The signs of prediabetes are a warning. It’s your body’s way of alerting you that “Hey, you need to make some changes now or you’re in big trouble”

It means that your blood glucose or blood sugar is higher than it should be and it’s time to make some changes to get it in a normal range.

So what are the normal, prediabetic and diabetic ranges so we can know where we fall and which range we should shoot for (and keep in mind I am only ever referring to Type 2 diabetes which in many cases is preventable)?

Normal Range: 5.6 A1C and below
Prediabetic Range: 5.7 – 6.4
Diabetic Range: 6.5 and higher

But wait… “What in the world is an A1C” you might be asking? True true, it would be good to know what that is.

So an A1C test tells you what your average blood glucose level has been over the past 2 or 3 months.

It’s like a composite score of your blood sugar readings over a period of time. A snapshot if you will.

“Yes, ok but what is a blood glucose level? What should it be and what is too high?”

Good questions!

Would it be too simplistic to say that your blood glucose level is the level of glucose found in your blood?

That’s what it is in a nutshell and this glucose or sugar is transported to your body’s cells by your blood.

This, in turn, gives us energy so we can do all the stuff we need to do.

When you have too much of this glucose in your blood, your body starts going haywire like “Umm, ok what do I do with all of this extra glucose?

Where do I put it? This is so not cool… why are you doing so much?”

The pancreatic hormone, insulin, is what helps your glucose get to those cells (it’s like an airplane that flys the glucose to all of its cellular destinations).

What Happens When You Don’t Make Enough Insulin

When your body doesn’t make enough insulin, glucose or sugar doesn’t get where it needs to go- your cells.

The sugar just hangs out in your blood which can cause toxic by-products to build up in the body.

Your cells have to find an alternative source of energy because the insulin has fallen down on the job.

It’s just a big old mess that your body wants you to avoid if possible.

Prediabetes hasn’t quite made it to this stage yet.

Insulin is still doing its thing but it’s struggling. He’s still carrying the glucose to your cells but he’s on the verge of quitting.

The insulin is having to work too hard because more and more insulin is required to carry the glucose to the cell and sometimes the cells won’t even accept the glucose (this is insulin resistance).

Eventually, the insulin goes on strike meaning the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin to carry the sugar to the cells.

When this happens, you will probably be diagnosed with diabetes.

So basically, we are trying to keep our insulin from going on strike.

What Are The Signs Of Prediabetes?

Several sources I read said that there aren’t necessarily any signs of prediabetes.

That wasn’t my experience. I could feel that something was wrong.

I had to make frequent trips to the bathroom. I was unnecessarily tired. I had swollen ankles on a regular basis.

I felt dizzy when I stood up too fast. Constantly hungry even though I shouldn’t have been. I felt nerve pain that I still sometimes have to this day.

Some other signs of prediabetes are listed in this article from prevention.

I knew something was wrong and the Lord had to practically drag me to the doctor to get tested.

Praise God that he showed me the warning signs of prediabetes before I became a diabetic.

These are basically the same signs that an actual diabetic would have though I suppose they were less severe than a diabetic’s.

Can’t say for sure but they got my attention.

My grandmother who has diabetes has talked for years about the complications that can come from diabetes so I knew that wasn’t a road I wanted to go down.

Complications From Diabetes

The complications from diabetes run amok are no joke.

Unfortunately, even if you try your best to control diabetes you could still suffer from the following complications:

Cardiovascular disease
Nerve damage and pain (and it’s so painful and I’m sure mine is not as bad as it is for diabetics)
Wounds that won’t heal or heal slowly
Kidney damage

Need I go on? This is not a disease to be messed with.

Type 2 diabetes can be avoided when we make some changes in our lifestyle.

And we definitely want to avoid it so let’s discuss these changes that we can make.

How Are Prediabetes and Diabetes Diagnosed?

We’ve already discussed the A1C test which measures your average blood sugar reading over the past 2 too 3 months.

This is a quick test where blood drawn from your arm, collected and then tested in a lab to see what your blood sugar levels have averaged over the past few months.

You are not required to fast and it shouldn’t be painful but in my experience, it does involve needles and I know some people are not cool with them.

Once your results come back, they will look at your range and see where your numbers fall to determine whether or not you have prediabetes or diabetes.

Another test a clinic could conduct would be an oral glucose test.

This is where you drink some cloyingly sweet drink and then have your blood glucose level tested for the next 2 hours.

I’ve never done this one but my friend who has said the drink is nasty. Glad I’ve avoided that one.

You can read more about diabetes testing in this article from the Mayo Clinic.

what to do if you have no healthy insurance but have prediabetes symptoms

What If You Have Signs Of Prediabetes But No Health Insurance Or It’s Not Very Good?

What if you’re too nervous or scared to go to the doctor to get the test or you don’t have health insurance and you don’t want to pay a ton of money to get a test done?

Or maybe you just don’t want to take the time to go to a doctor’s office and wait to be seen. If you’re in this situation there are several home A1C tests you can take.

There’s the A1C Now self-check testing kit available on Amazon.

You get your results back immediately however the reviews concern me because people were saying that their kit was expired.

Some reviewers claimed that they received an error message when they conducted the test.

Then when they tried to talk to the company’s customer service they couldn’t get a response. There’s also no expert that analyzes your results so how can we be sure they are accurate.

Needless to say, I don’t really recommend going that route.

A Better Way To Test Your A1C At Home To See If You Have Prediabetes

However, an option that sounds far more promising is the A1C home test from Everylywell.

I believe I remember seeing the Shark Tank episode they were on.

Clearly, the sharks were impressed because the company got a 1 million deal from Lori Greiner.

But let’s be real.

This doesn’t mean that the results from the are accurate. It just lends some credibility to the product.

What matters more is if the results are accurate. Now, I have never used their products so I won’t tell you that I had great results with it.

However, I can say that the reviews for the A1C home test are good from most of those who have used it.

How Does The EverlyWell A1C Test Work?

The way these tests work is that you buy the product and then it is sent to your house.

You do the test by doing what they call a simple blood spot sample.

You mail the sample to their lab in a pre-paid shipping label.

Then you get the results back on their online platform.

What I wasn’t sure about was if your results would be analyzed by a doctor.

So I contacted customer support via their chat app which is so nice (no waiting on the phone for 20 minutes to talk to a person or even worse not being able to talk to a person at all).

I asked him about the results being reviewed by a physician and he told me that they were!

So unlike that other A1C test on Amazon, you won’t get an error message because you’re dealing with people and not machines!


And if you do have an HSA/FSA account through your health insurance, you may be able to use it.

Just check with your provider first. But even if you don’t have health insurance, the test is only $59 which is affordable for many people.

It’s important to get tested.

When your blood sugar goes unchecked for a long time, it can do irrevocable damage to your body.

Even though I’m no longer prediabetic, I still have nerve damage from when I was. I can’t imagine what it would feel like now if I had let it go on even longer.

I just ask you to prayerfully consider going to the doctor, a clinic, or using the EverlyWell A1C home test.

Click To Learn More About EverlyWell’s A1C Diabetes Test 

5 Almost Painless Changes You Can Make Today To Help Reverse Prediabetes Naturally

In my opinion, these changes are not hard to make at all.

Especially when you consider what’s at stake and the huge payoff!

Full-blown diabetes (what’s at stake) or reversing your prediabetes in a natural and healthy way (huge payoff!)

And I say almost painless because most changes take some getting used to but when we consider what’s at stake these changes are well worth the little bit of effort it would take to implement them in your life.

And doing them all together could make a huge impact on your health if done consistently over time.

1) Limit Bread/Desserts (Notice I said “limit” not eliminate).

1. This is my least favorite suggestion on the list because bread and desserts are my weakness but it’s gotta be on there because white bread and desserts have a huge impact on your blood sugar levels.

They cause your blood sugar levels to spike after eating them.

Now keep in mind that I said limit them.

Many experts say to stay away from bread and desserts (I mean real desserts not healthy versions of desserts).

Of course, I can’t argue with this advice.

I’m sure this is the best policy but it would be disingenuous of me to tell you to do this when I have not.

I still eat bread… like homemade dinner rolls, pancakes, biscuits, etc made with white flour.

I’ve still been able to reverse my prediabetes naturally even eating bread made with white flour.

However, I’m in no way telling you that you can do the same thing and have the same results because I can’t know this.

My suggestion would be, to be honest with yourself. Would you be able to limit yourself when it comes to bread and desserts?

Can you eat less of them or is it an all or nothing type of thing for you? Only you can answer that.

I can limit myself to having less of these types of foods and I think that’s why I’ve been able to still lose 60 plus pounds in the process.

You have to be your own judge in this situation.

2. Take a cinnamon supplement (yes, you can use the “cheap” kind)

I know that some people don’t believe supplements are worth the money but I disagree. I can feel the difference when I take some supplements and feel the difference when I stop taking them.

Cinnamon is one of those supplements.

I know cinnamon helped me lower my blood sugar and I believe it also helped control my hunger pangs which in turn allowed me to eat less and in turn control my blood sugar even more.

Cinnamon is said to act similarly to insulin meaning it can help make our cells more apt to receive the glucose they so desperately need.

Some say the only cinnamon that helps with controlling blood sugar is Ceylon cinnamon.

However, I have never taken Ceylon cinnamon on a regular basis. I take cassia cinnamon and I’ve gotten great results from it.

The store where I get my supplements is Puritans Pride.

They have buy one get 2 free sales that (not a misprint) that are unbelievable.

I couldn’t believe you could get 3 bottles of a high-quality supplement for such a great price until I opened up my box.

Thanks, Mom for introducing me to that company. I would still be dealing with Buy one get one 25% off sales if she hadn’t.

Click To Check Out Puritans Pride

3. Get Some More Sleep. Yes, it really does matter.

This is one that many people are not following very well, myself included.

Getting less sleep increases the amount of glucose in your blood making you more susceptible to becoming prediabetic or diabetic.

Studies have shown that getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night can make your blood sugar levels higher than if you got more sleep.

I’m notorious for trying to stay up late to work on my blog but I know it’s not good for me.

We need to aim for at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

Apparently getting 9 hours can also raise your glucose levels so let’s stick to 6-8.

4. Drink apple cider vinegar. It doesn’t taste as bad as you think.

There’s not much this magic potion can’t do so it’s no surprise that it’s on this list. According to Healthline:

“Vinegar has been shown to have numerous benefits for blood sugar and insulin levels:

• Improves insulin sensitivity during a high-carb meal by 19–34% and significantly lowers blood sugar and insulin responses (6).
• Reduces blood sugar by 34% after eating 50 grams of white bread (7).
• 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bedtime can reduce fasting blood sugar in the morning by 4% (8).
• Numerous other studies in humans show that vinegar can improve insulin function and lower blood sugar levels after meals (9, 10).”

Those are awesome results that can greatly help you get rid of your prediabetes naturally.

Plus I know a lot of people say acv helps with weight loss which of course also helps reverse or prevent prediabetes.

Now if you get acv, make sure it’s the kind with the mother in it. It’s darker and murkier than regular apple cider vinegar because it’s not filtered.

This is what you want to buy and some say it tastes better than the filtered kind.

Now I personally don’t hate the taste of acv but that’s because I’m so used to it.

When you drink it you definitely want to use a straw and you definitely want to dilute it with water.

Start off with a teaspoon twice a day diluted in a cup of water and then as you become more hardcore you can move up to 2 tablespoons a day.

5. Drink Green Drinks. These don’t taste as bad as you think either…in fact, they taste kinda awesome!

Drinking nutriblasts made with my Nutribullet is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my health.

Before I bought a Nutribullet, I could probably go days (or longer) without consuming leafy greens.

I’m actually being generous. I may have been eating greens even less than that.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t like the nutriblasts because I had made a green drink in a regular blender before and I couldn’t even finish drinking it, it was so bad.

But I love infomercials and I got totally sucked into the concept of how they say the nutrients from the produce is extracted into the drink and is made more readily available to your body.

With the health issues I had then, that sounded like just what the doctor ordered. I had to have one.

I remember looking at every Walmart trying to find it on the shelf but it was so new and I guess it was selling out because it became the proverbial needle in a haystack.

I did finally find one in Virginia (I live in Tennessee)I believe on the way back from a trip to D.C.

The fact that I remember where I was when I bought it shows just how excited I was to find it because my memory is shaky, to say the least.

I got it home and made my first nutriblast right away. I believe I used spinach apples and probably some other fruit.

Nutriblasts Are A Delicious Way To Reverse Your Signs Of Prediabetes Naturally

I could not believe how delicious and refreshing the nutriblast was.

It wasn’t something I had to choke down but something I actually enjoyed because I knew I was doing something great for my body and it tasted great too.

I love that spinach is so mild tasting that you can literally stuff the cup full of the greens and you don’t really taste it but you get all of its nutrients.

I also love that spinach is rich with magnesium and full of fiber which are both great for controlling your blood sugar levels.

Here is a list of superfoods that are good for people with diabetes or people showing signs of prediabetes.

If you are prediabetic then putting some of these foods in your nutriblasts will help you too and can increase your chance of reversing your diagnosis.

Here are some nutriblast recipes that could help prediabetics and diabetics.

Click Here To Check Out The Nutribullet 

taking a quiz on the signs of prediabetes

Signs Of Prediabetes and How To Reverse It Quiz

Okay so I work in a school and I have a school mentality.

This is just a short true or false quiz (don’t roll your eyes lol) that tests your knowledge on some of the signs of prediabetes and ways to naturally reverse it.

No need to get test anxiety. You will ace it! Then be sure to share it on your Facebook page so people know how smart you are!

[HDquiz quiz = “36”]

You Can Reverse Your Prediabetes If You Make Changes Now

We’ve covered a lot in this post but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things you can do to reverse your prediabetes diagnosis.

You can totally beat this thing and the 5 tips I shared are things you can implement pretty quickly to start kicking this prediabetes to the curb.

Here are the highlights of what we covered in this post:

1) The Signs of Prediabetes: Even though some experts say there aren’t any signs of prediabetes, I experience: blurry vision, lightheadedness, constant hunger, increased urination, swollen ankles/water retention.

2)The Complications of Diabetes: Amputations, blindness, heart disease, kidney damage.

3) The Way Prediabetes/Diabetes Is Diagnosed: A1C Test, Fasting glucose test, oral glucose test.

4) Ways To Start Reversing Prediabetes Naturally: Cinnamon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Drinks, Sleeping More, Limiting Bread/Desserts.

If you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes or shows signs of prediabetes, I really just want to encourage you to make some changes.

You can start with one or two of the suggestions and incorporate all of them into your life at some point but start somewhere.

If you pray and start taking small steps you can really start to see so awesome changes in your body for the better. Choose one of these suggestions and get started today!

Download Free Weight Loss Printables To Help You Reverse Prediabetes Faster!

If you want to reverse your prediabetes the fastest way possible losing weight is your best bet.

And you don’t even have to lose 100 pounds.

Losing 10% of your body weight can sometimes be enough.

I want to help you do this so I created a resource library with free weight loss printables inside to help lose weight and work towards getting rid of prediabetes for good!

This is what free weight loss printables are in my resource library

-Healthy Meals On The Go (Healthy Popular Restaurant Meal Options Guide)

-21 Day Power Over Weight Loss Prayer Journal 
-Supplements I Used To Reverse Prediabetes Guide
-Printable Fitness Goals Tracker
Essential Oils Checklists (which has essential oils that help manage diabetes)
Cardio & Strength Training Printable Tracker

Healthy Grocery List Printable

You can gain access to all of them in my free Weight Loss resource library.

Just click below and enter your email address, I will send the password and link to the library to your inbox. 

Click here to gain exclusive & free access to HAYC’s Weight Loss Resource Library!

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Angela Johnson is the owner and creator of Healthy As You Can (HAYC) and Christian Blogging Academy (CBA). She is also an author and certified life coach. She started this blog to help support other Christians who want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle but don't know where to start because it can be oh so confusing. She's still trying to figure it all out and as she does, she'll let you know!

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Angela Johnson is the owner and creator of Healthy As You Can (HAYC) and Christian Blogging Academy (CBA). She is also an author and certified life coach. She started this blog to help support other Christians who want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle but don't know where to start because it can be oh so confusing. She's still trying to figure it all out and as she does, she'll let you know!

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