How To Buy Organic Food On A Budget + Does Organic Food Help You Lose Weight?

How To Buy Organic Food On A Budget + And How It Helps With Weight Loss

Don’t tell yourself the lie: You absolutely can afford to buy organic food on a budget.

Although some people don’t believe organic food is worth the extra cost, without having scientific proof, I do believe eating organic and natural foods helped me bring my A1C to a normal range and lose weight to the tune of 60 pounds.

So I’m a big advocate.

However, it truly breaks my heart that organic and healthy food seems so out of reach for so many people.

I hate the idea that some people can’t get the healthy food they need for their family and themselves.

However, I believe this is changing.

Now, that organic food is gaining in popularity, it is so much more accessible and affordable.

The secret is knowing when to stock up on it so that you and your family can eat healthy food all year.

So today I’m going to share with you:

  • How organic food helps you lose weight (so I believe)
  • When to stock up on organic food
  • Where to buy it
  • And some apps & websites that help you get it at the lowest prices possible!

So stay tuned!


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fruits and veggies how to buy organic food on a budget


Does Organic Food Help You Lose Weight?

Do I have concrete proof that eating organic foods (fresh, frozen, and packaged) helps with weight loss?

Not necessarily.

But I am a firm believer that we should eat food.

Our bodies are designed by God to eat food.

I can hear you saying “well duh…of course, we should eat food…who said we shouldn’t?”

But the thing is a lot of the things we eat have nonfood ingredients in them.

Ingredients that sound more like they belong in a lab than on our plate.


Our bodies were not designed to eat GMOs, artificial sweeteners (yuckarama), MSG, and Butane yet all of these ingredients can be found in the foods that a lot of us eat every day.

When I ate a lot of processed chemically-laden foods, I felt like I could never be filled.

I was always hungry even after eating massive amounts of food.

Once I started eating more natural, organic foods I didn’t have as many cravings and hunger pangs.

And I started losing weight…I lost over 60 pounds so that’s why I am a firm believer in eating natural and organic foods.

I mentioned packaged foods earlier because I’ll be real with you…I still eat packaged foods.

And yes, I know they are processed to an extent but their ingredients tend to be so much healthier and more pronounceable than non-organic packaged foods.

For instance, have you ever looked at the ingredients on coffee creamer?

Not a whole lotta cream going on.

As my mom once said after I read her the ingredients of the creamer she was drinking “well, it had that one milk thing” lol.

That one mike thing was some sort of “milk derivative, whatever the heck that is.

The creamer I have buy has cream, milk, sugar, and natural flavors.

Is coffee creamer healthy?


Do I know what natural flavors truly are?


But at least it has real food and not “milk things” in it 🙂

Oh, and I’m not alone as this blogger had a similar experience as I’m sure many have.

How (& When) To Buy Organic Food On A Budget 

There are 2 times of the year when I go a little crazy buying organic groceries.

It’s just like clockwork, too.

Every time these 2 months roll around, it is guaranteed that healthy and organic food will be on sale in a major way.

1) January: If it is December and there’s some organic grocery I want to buy, I wait just a few weeks until January arrives.


Because I know organic food will be massively on sale then.

Any guesses as to why that is?

Because of all those New Year’s resolutions that we make to lose weight.

Grocery stores capitalize on this and offer sweet discounts on healthy food usually through to March but the best deals are in January.

2) August: If you miss the January sale, be sure to hop on the sale in August.

Why do they have sales in August?

Well, I don’t know for sure but I’m thinking it has something to do with back to school and so maybe people are looking for a fresh start to their diet during that time?

I suppose it is a new year of sorts.

Regardless of the reason, grocery stores have major discounts on healthy and organic food in late July and August so be on the lookout.


Which stores have sales on organic food?

1) Kroger: This is where I first noticed this trend. They offer sales on organic food and high-value digital coupons.

For instance, they have organic eggs on sale in my area for $3.49 with a
50 coupon.

Eggs are a healthy and inexpensive form of protein.

And did you know that you could freeze eggs?

Yeah, I didn’t either until I read this article.

So awesome!

You can get bags of fresh carrots for .69 and freeze those as well.

They also have coupons for organic milk, which you can also freeze and it doesn’t change the flavor at all (I know that many people don’t consider milk to be healthy but if you are going to drink it, this is the best compromise).

Anytways, this is a great time to stock up on healthy food.

Also, be aware that every product that is on sale may not be advertised in their flyer.

You can search for the items you need in their app under the Clicklist section to see if the item you want is on sale.


2) Aldi: They too have sales on organic foods during these two months.

They also tend to have unadvertised products so you’ll just have to go explore and see what you can find.

Something else cool is that you can usually find some new products during these times that usually don’t stay on the shelves very long.


3) Publix: They are getting in on the action as well.

They have some sales on healthy foods but not too many coupons.

Even with their sales, they still tend to be higher than the other stores.

However, their food quality tends to be higher so it may be worth it to you to pay more.

Apps & Websites To Save Money When Buying Organic & Healthy Food All Year Round

Of course, you don’t have to wait until January or August to buy organic food on a budget.

You can use the websites and apps below to start saving money on organic food today!


1) Ibotta 

ibotta screen shot on saving money on organic groceries

Ibotta is an insanely popular cash back app that I’ve been using for years. I’ve gotten over $100 for doing practically nothing.

You get money back from Ibotta by completing small tasks (like watching a video or answering a question) for the companies that offer cash back if you buy their product.

It’s really simple.

It’s not a scam.

You get money back just for buying the items you already buy anyway.

And they have organic and natural groceries too that you can get cash back on. 

Click here to learn more about Ibotta 


2) Lety Shops 


lety shop homepage save money groceries


Lety Shops is similar to Rakuten (formerly Ebates).

You get cash back for shopping at the specific companies on Lety Shops’ website and using their special link. Say for instance, you wanted to go to IHerb and buy some organic groceries (which you could totally do).

You would go to first and search for the iHerb store link. You do this instead of going straight to iHerb to shop.

When you go to first and use their link for iHerb, you activate a special link which allows you to get cash back on whatever you buy.

Like right now, if you shop at iHerb through Lety Shops, you’ll receive 12% cash back on whatever you order at iHerb which is pretty amazing. 


Click To See Lety Shops




screenshot of organic groceries on budget

You’ve probably heard of

You can get all kinds of coupons there.

You can print coupons, get digital coupons onto a grocery store reward card, and get cash back.

Definitely worth a look. 


Click Here To See 



screenshot of rakuten health and beauty page organic groceries


Rakuten aka Ebates (why did they change their name tho for real?) is also really famous and you’ve probably seen their commercials on tv and thought “Are they for real? Can you really get money for buying what you would buy anyway?”.

The answer is yes. Yes you can. I’ve done it, my mom’s done it, my sister’s done it. We’ve all gotten money back. It’s a thing. 

Similar to Lety Shops, if you need to buy something online, you check Ebates Rakuten first to see if the vendor you are going to buy from is a particpating partner with Rakuten.

If they are, then you use that vendor’s special link on Rakuten, buy your items as usual.

Then check your Rakuten account and see how much money you got back.

It’s that easy.

Then they send you what they call a big fat check in the mail.

It’s a nice change from all the bills I receive that’s for sure. 

Click to learn more about Rakuten


Conclusion On How To Buy Organic Food On A Budget & Lose Weight 

Alright, so there you have it.

You now know exactly when to stock up on organic foods so you don’t have to sacrifice your health or your family’s health or spend a fortune.

This, in turn, makes healthy eating so much more affordable for so many more people which makes me super happy.





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Angela Johnson is the owner and creator of Healthy As You Can (HAYC) and Christian Blogging Academy (CBA). She is also an author and certified life coach. She started this blog to help support other Christians who want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle but don't know where to start because it can be oh so confusing. She's still trying to figure it all out and as she does, she'll let you know!

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