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3 Amazing Benefits Online Therapy Has Over Traditional Therapy (From Someone Who’s Done Both)

woman getting therapy

3 amazing benefits of online therapy vs traditional therapy 

Online therapy is a tool that I give major credit to in my mental health journey. 

I promise you, I would not be writing this blog post without having done online counseling many years ago. 

I was too depressed and anxious to actually start a blog and too self-conscious to put myself out there. 

Truth is having a healthy body but an unhealthy mind, so to speak, just won’t cut it y’all. 

I’m nowhere close to where I want to be physically, financially, mentally, or spiritually. 

But I do understand fully that all of these aspects work together to create the healthiest person possible. 

Your mind is a big component of why you do what you do. 

If you feel like everything is a huge struggle and you haven’t tried online counseling yet then I’m going to share with you 3 true benefits that online therapy has vs traditional therapy and which site helped me the most. 

Please stay tuned because I really want you to move the needle from where you are now towards where you want to be. 

Change is possible with online therapy and I’m going to show you just a glimpse of how it can help you!Continue reading

Unhealthy Habits That Cause You To Gain Weight & How To Prevent It

woman making unhealthy eating choices

Bad Habits That Cause Weight Gain 

Does this internal monologue sound familiar?

“Yes, I’m finally at my goal weight!”

Six months later…

“What? I’ve regained 20 pounds! What happened?!”

Have you ever been in a situation where you made it to your goal weight only to find six months to a year later that you gain all that weight back and then some?

Losing weight and then gaining it back almost feels worse than not losing the weight at all you feel even more like a failure.

Perhaps you were celebrating with people about your accomplishment only to have to face them a year down the road in the same or worse condition than you were in when you were celebrating.

What can you do to prevent this yo-yo diet cycle from occurring?Continue reading

Ya’ll, I Lost Weight Walking In Place…Here’s What You’ll Need To Do It Too!

I lost weight walking in place at home

I Lost Weight Walking In Place...Here's What You Need To Get Started!

Honestly, it happened almost as if by magic.

I lost weight by walking in place…meaning at my home!

I lost 50 pounds to be exact and it’s partially due to my walking regimen and it was almost painless.

So if you’re wondering can you lose weight by walking in the comfort of your own home, the answer is a resounding yes.

Those of you with a love-hate relationship with hardcore cardio sessions can rejoice!

But of course, we are going to go more in-depth than this.


We’re going to talk about:

-if you can lose belly fat from walking

-what specific walking plan I used

-tools you need to get started (including a free walking journal printable!)

-how much you might want to walk to lose weight

and more.Continue reading

What To Do When You Think “I Feel Hopeless About Losing Weight”! (Free Weight Loss Prayer Journal)

I feel hopeless about losing weight (why you shouldn't)

Do you feel hopeless about losing weight? Read this for encouragement!

Let’s just be real…

Losing weight is hard.

And sometimes you feel like you’re doing everything right and the pounds won’t budge!

Err…it’s super frustrating and disheartening.

And even worse than that it might make you say “I feel hopeless about losing weight”.

I certainly don’t want to hear those words come out of your mouth!

That’s why today I’m going to fill you up with some much encouragement that you just might burst.

What' I'll share with you today is:

– Why you should feel hopeful about losing weight even if you don’t

– Scriptures to read when you feel at your lowest

– And then 5 practical tips to start using to try and get those pounds moving againContinue reading

How To Overcome Guilt When You Fall Off The Weight Loss Wagon

woman with pants too tight eating donut

How To Overcome Guilt When You Fall Off The Weight Loss Wagon

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit which is probably why the enemy is constantly attacking it.

Losing weight can sometimes feel like you’re getting out of quicksand.

The harder you fight to pull yourself out of the pit the further down you sink.

I sometimes find that I’m in this constant cycle of eating healthy then falling off the wagon and then eating healthy again and then falling off the wagon and then…well, you get the picture.

It’s like this constant battle that seems impossible to overcome at times.Continue reading

5 Easy To Use Meal Planning Budget Ideas (Even When The Cost Of Groceries Skyrocket!)

woman with grocery receipt in hand

Meal Planning Ideas On A Budget

Do you feel like you’re spending a ton of money at the grocery store?

Like every time you look at your grocery receipt, you think “I spent that much and got that little?”

I totally get it I feel the same way. My grocery budget seemed to be growing out of control which is of course not what we want when we are trying to grow our net worths. 

So what can we do to spend less at the grocery store?

Meal planning that’s what.

Meal planning either for the week or the month or even longer could be the key to saving you tons of money over the long haul.

So stick around and I will share with you some of the meal planning on a budget ideas I use to save money at the grocery store.Continue reading

10 Brilliant Weight Loss Tips For Beginners You’ve Never Heard!

women losing weight

Weight Loss Tips You Haven’t Heard

I read a lot of weight loss articles but these tips in this post are not ones I read too often. Continue reading to learn what they are and how they can help you!

Once again you step on the scale only to be disappointed. You actually lost weight but only 1 pound… definitely not what you hoped.

What does it take to actually lose weight… like significant amounts of weight where you actually see progress and other people see the progress too?

I know how frustrating it is to believe you’re doing all the right things and fat stubbornly refuses to move.

It’s become quite comfortable and doesn’t seem to want to go anyway. So what’s a girl to do?

Restrict your calories even more? Work out two hours a day?

While I don’t know the solution for your particular situation I have some ideas that might help kick your weight loss into high gear… ideas that you not have heard so please stay tuned!

Continue reading


5 Unique Places To Find Friends When You Have None & How Loneliness Affects Your Mental Health (Free Printables)

5 Unique Places To Find Friends When You Have None

Being lonely is one of the most universal and isolating emotions in the world. But you don’t have to feel this way. In this post, I’m going to show you that you are desperately needed and loved. 
I saw a heartbreaking video yesterday.

It was of an English woman who would go to the grocery store just so she could talk to the cashier.

She said that If she didn’t do that she said she could literally go months without talking to another person. What’s even sadder is that she’s not alone.

Loneliness is at an epidemic level. In the UK, an estimated 9 million people are as lonely as this woman.

Continue reading

How To Use These 3 Powerful & Potent Essential Oils To Aid Weight Loss

essential oil diffusser

How To Use Essential Oils That Aid In Weight Loss

In the last post, I talked about the top 3 most powerful essential oils that you can use to aid you in your weight loss journey.

But, I didn’t tell you how you use them which is kind of important.

So that’s what we are going to focus on in this post because if you don’t know how to use these essential oils properly, you could put yourself in danger.

We don’t want that. Plus, if you are feeling some type of way about using essential oils internally please consult a doctor or just read this post for entertainment.

Or if you’re okay with ingesting essential oils (safely!) make sure that your oils are legit.

No matter whether you decide to use essential oils for weight loss or not, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!Continue reading

The Top 3 Most Powerful & Potent Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Are you wondering which essential oils are the most powerful for weight loss? In this post, I reveal the top 3 most potent essential oils to help you lose weight!

I know what you might be thinking? Essential oils might be able to help me with weight loss? Really? I know!

I thought the same way. But please understand that it MAY HELP with weight loss. That doesn’t mean it will help with weight loss. I am not a doctor, so if the idea of ingesting essential oils wigs you out or makes you queasy, don’t do it. 

However, I suspect though, that if you’re here you are intrigued to know which essential actually do help with weight loss right? If so, then let’s go ahead and get started. Continue reading

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