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How To Walk At Home Without A Treadmill & Lose Weight (The Only 3 Things You Need!)

how to walk at home with no treadmill

How To Walk Indoors Without A Treadmill

If you’re trying to get in shape but aren’t really about that gym life or you’re still on lockdown restriction then don’t worry…

I got you.

What you can do is to try walking at home!

You do not even need to invest in a treadmill (although I’m looking to buy one before the year ends)!

Let’s admit it.

A treadmill is quite an investment! I mean yeah it’s a worthy one but it can cost up to $1000 for a good quality one.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay all of that money to lose weight and get fit…trust me.

The truth is, you can still achieve your fitness goals by walking at home without a treadmill!

Don’t believe me?

Well, if you didn’t know already, I lost about 50 pounds just by walking an hour serveral days a week and eating healthier!

I’ll be sure to tell you more about my walking routine that I used to lose 50 pounds.

And it’s not just me that’s lost weight by walking…there are countless other people with walk at home weight loss results too, as the blog post linked above will attest to!

Crazy right?

So today I’m spilling some secrets and sharing some cool ways on how to walk at home without a treadmill!

Enough of my babbling…Let’s get started already!

Oh yeah, and this post contains affiliate links to great products that will help you in your health journey. I will get a commission if you decide to buy from these links but I’m only recommending products that I feel confident about. 

Tools Needed To Walk At Home

While you don’t have to have anything to start a walk at home program, I do highly recommend these 3 tools to start walking at home for weight loss purposes.


Leslie Sansone's walk at home dvd 5 miles


1) Walk At Home DVDs

The walk-at-home DVD that I used to help me lose 50 pounds is the 5 Fat Burning Miles By Leslie Sansone.

Leslie is one of (if not THE) walk-at-home pioneers. She’s been doing walk at home videos since the 80s and I can’t thank her enough honestly.

If you are wanting to start a walking routine that is low impact then this is it.

Let me tell you about it…


The 5 Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home – 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk DVD is like this:

– The workout is broken down into 5 tracks, one mile for each track

– Each mile is 15 minutes or less

– Some miles are shown with Leslie walking in a studio by herself. There are two miles like this.

– The other 3 miles, Leslie has a walking crew walking with her in the studio which makes the miles seem more fun and they go by faster.

– One of the things I love is that you can get a heart-pumping workout while still protecting your knees and ankles.

There is also a 2 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) segment at the end of each mile with some jumping but she shows you how you can modify the moves so you can get a high-calorie burn while low impact.

At first glance, her workouts seem simple and deceptively easy.

But if you follow Leslie’s pace, especially as a beginner, you definitely get your heart rate up and get out of breath.

If you are looking for a true, fat-burning workout that is joint-friendly then this is definitely it.

Click here to learn more about the 5 Mile Walk-At-Home DVD!



wearing my fitbit alta hr


2) A Fitbit To Help Count Your Walking Activity

Summin’ else I suggest you get to help you get more steps in?

That’s right, yall, you guessed it… a Fitbit!

I be loving mine.

I feel slightly naked without it.

What I love is that I have a constant reminder that I need to get off my booty and move lol.

It also reminds you to get up and move with gentle vibrating messages that encourage you to get some extra steps by the hour’s end.

The Fitbit I own is the Alta HR and I did a long and pretty epic review.

Click here to read my epic Fitbit Alta HR review!

If your goal is to have an automatic way to track your steps and overall activity then you definitely need a Fitbit or activity tracker of some sort.


3-pound weights to use while walking


3) Light Weights To Use While You Walk (for an extra burn)

Now you get a true heart-racing workout just by following Leslie’s moves but when you pair this walking workout with weights, y’all it ain’t no joke!

Try walking for 5 miles at a fast pace with some 3 to 5-pound dumbbells.

This dumbbell set is highly recommended on Amazon.

Or if you only want to buy a pair of dumbbells you can check out this highly-rated 3-pound pair of dumbbells.

It may not sound like much weight but if you’re a weight loss beginner then trust me… you’ll be huffing and puffing in no time.

Now let’s talk about how you can a walking workout in the comfort of your own home!


How To Walk For Weight Loss Inside Your Home!


1) Take up a Step Challenge

One way to walk at home without a treadmill is to do a step challenge.

Once you’ve got your Fitbit (you did get one right?), you can start seeing what your normal amount of daily activity is.

That will be your baseline.

Then you can start increasing your steps incrementally.

Be it brisk walking in your living room or just slowly stepping from side to side, every step burns calories.

Because of this, you don’t have to worry about how fast you’re getting your steps in… just get ‘er done!

In the simplest terms, as long as you are moving, you are improving your health and fitness.

Try and challenge yourself to increase your step count to the magical 10,00 steps a day.

Start walking and you’ll get there and beyond!

Yes. It can be as easy as it sounds!

Your Fitbit will count all the steps you took in a full day which will help you stay motivated to complete the challenge.

Did you know?

Walking 10,000 steps a day can easily help you burn about 300-400 calories which is quite remarkable.


But wait, there’s more…

Now I’ve never done this but you can also challenge yourself in another way too…

You can use websites like Healthy Wage and Stepbet to join walking and step count challenges and earn money!

It’s pretty cool and now I’m standing here wondering why I’ve never done it??

Like I said, I’ve never done it but it’s worked wonders for millions of people!


2) March in place while doing other tasks

If you still haven’t started your walking journey at home because you feel you do not have enough space to cross 10,000 steps a day within your home, I have the best solution!

Just march in place.

In fact, I’ll spill yet another secret…I’m marching in place as I’m writing this article.

I’ll show you my setup below (just let me go throw my stuff out of the frame clean up)!


using my chester drawers to walk while I work



where I walk and work


I’m not always motivated to walk and work at the same time but I figured since I’m writing an article about writing, I should probably be walking.

And you don’t have to do it just while your working.

One of the best times to walk in your house is while you’re watching tv or chatting with your friends over the phone.

Hey, I even walk in place when I’m playing games on my phone. I mean at least one healthy thing is happening right lol?

So as mind-numbing as it may sound, marching in place is a great form of cardio and can strengthen your leg muscles pretty quickly.

The repetitive motions of lifting your legs up and down is an incredible leg exercise, and it is a great way to utilize your free time and lose those extra pounds!


3) Follow Walk-At-Home Videos

Another way to walk at home with an expensive treadmill is to follow a walking video!

You can use the 5-mile DVD I mentioned earlier but there are also videos on Youtube that you can follow!

There are a myriad of youtube videos out there that can be a perfect partner for your walking sessions!

Just hop on the search bar and find videos related to walking at home, and you will find tons of videos related to different walking challenges and walking workouts.

Most of them are highly interactive.

They keep talking all throughout the video to engage you in motivating conversation.

Just follow along with the walking video and keep up with their pace!

But the one I recommend the most is the walking DVD by Leslie Sansone called 5- Mile Fat Burning Walk.

Leslie is one of the pioneers of the walk at home industry.

She has a myriad of walking DVDs but this one, in particular, is the one I used to help me lose 50 pounds.

If you didn’t see my tools for walking at home in a previous section then go ahead and take a glance if you are interested in knowing more about this program.

Or you can go ahead and take a look at the program on Amazon by clicking here


Will You Start Walking At Home Now?

Even though there are many more other options for losing weight by walking at home without a treadmill, these three are my personal favorite!

Walking requires consistency and determination.

If you walk diligently every day, rest assured, you are bound to be on the fast track to fitness (cheesy I know)!

Don’t delay and kickstart your walking at home journey today!

If How To Walk At Home Without A Treadmill has helped you please share it!


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Angela Johnson is the owner and creator of Healthy As You Can (HAYC) and Christian Blogging Academy (CBA). She is also an author and certified life coach. She started this blog to help support other Christians who want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle but don't know where to start because it can be oh so confusing. She's still trying to figure it all out and as she does, she'll let you know!

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Angela Johnson is the owner and creator of Healthy As You Can (HAYC) and Christian Blogging Academy (CBA). She is also an author and certified life coach. She started this blog to help support other Christians who want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle but don't know where to start because it can be oh so confusing. She's still trying to figure it all out and as she does, she'll let you know!

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