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19 Healthy Things You Should Actually Be Doing When Stuck At Home That Will Change Your Life!

Are you stuck at home and wondering is there anything life-changing I could be doing with my time? Well I have 19 amazing ideas for you to try while you’re stuck at home on lockdown or whenever you have long stretches of time at home.

I couldn’t pen down one emotion to describe this period of quarantine if I tried.

Bittersweet comes to mind but that’s such an anemic word that I dare not use it for it doesn’t even come close to grasping the depth of this situation that is 2020.

2020 basically just took a wrecking ball to all of our lives. Whether it’s a lost job or a lost loved one or the fear of experiencing either, no one has gone through this period unscathed.

I have had pockets of anxiety.

But the Lord was like “Girl, we’ve already gone down this road, we’re not going back there.” (this is not an exact quote).

So I banished anxiety (again because it refuses to die) and I encourage you to do the same if you’ve been feeling anxious since the-virus-who-must-not-be-named reared its ugly head.

It’s totally normal, mind you, if you feel anxious but just know that it accomplishes nothing and it helps you not at all.

Instead, if at all possible, use this free time rest and to better yourself. There are some truly life-changing things you can do right now while you’re stuck at home. You can come out of quarantine better than ever before.

I’ve come up with 19 life-changing things you can do while you self-isolating. I divided them into 4 categories: spiritual/faith, money/finances, mental/emotional, and health/weight.

Any one of these activities done with consistency can be life-changing but if they are all done consistently, then quarantine might be one of the best things that’s ever happened to you.

Let’s dive on in.

19 Healthy & Life-Changing Things You Should Actually Be Doing When Stuck At Home

Spiritually Healthy Things

1) Bible Study

This is a perfect time to deepen your Bible study like never before. If you haven’t read or studied your Bible in a while then you can start with a simple reading plan.

Reading God’s word with an open heart and open mind is probably the most life-changing thing you will ever do.

2) Praying

Pray all day. I’m not great at doing one long prayer but if you are that’s wonderful. I’m more of a one long all-day continuing prayerer.

But regardless pray like never before. And even if and when this ends, still continue to pray like never before

3)  Start A Prayer Journal

Do you struggle with staying focused while you’re praying? Starting a prayer journal if will help you concentrate on what you’re praying for.

It will also help you reflect back on the answered prayers that God has blessed you with when you read your journal 6 months from now.

I have a post about the benefits of a prayer journal right here.

I also have two prayer journal freebies, one about financial stewardship and one about praying for weight loss. You can access them in my free resource library.

4) Share the love of Christ

Share the love of Christ: people are scared right now. If you’re not anxious or fearful about the future and it’s because of your faith in God, tell, and encourage someone who is scared.

Tell them about the hope you have in Jesus that whatever happens, you have Him carry you through it.

5) Donate

Donate money to those who are in need. Charities are struggling right now because so many people are deciding to save their money and not spend or give as much.
Check on your friends and family.

Tell them that you love them. Pray over them daily. Call them by name.

Physically Healthy Things

6) Get in Shape

Are you in shape? I’m not and I’ve been sitting way too much. Luckily we all (well a lot of us) now have time to workout. Many of us could workout 2 or 3 hours if we wanted (so don’t recommend that).

But at the very least we can do 30 minutes of physical exercise, per day. I’m still working on this. Some days I’ll do an hour long workout and then I’ll go for days and do nothing.

Consistency is the key to getting in and let’s just say that’s not my strong suit. If you struggle with exercising consistently, then try to find exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, you feel me?

Find something fun to do that you will look forward to doing. I love dancing so it just dawned on me that this is probably the best exercise for me do and maybe I will do it consistently.

Yes, I’m really slow. 

7) Level up your beauty routine

Have some fun y’all. This is a great time to try out new hairstyles, new nail polishes (no the polish won’t last because you’re washing your hand 15,000 times a day but still), or a new mask.

I even had a spa party earlier in the quarantine (don’t worry it was mostly family and just 4 people).

8. Meal plan and prep

I’m feeling a little hypocritical about this particular thing because I have not been doing this. At least not the way I talk about meal planning in this post.

However, I have really upped the amount of vegetables and fruits that I’m eating. The carbs are really my undoing (I love to bake!).

So I know that I need to start planning my meals so that I can make sure not to eat too much junk food.

9) Set small weight loss goals and reach them

If you are wanting to lose weight, this would be a great time to try and set some smaller goals and reach them.

Just try and lose 5 pounds a month. That’s an amazing 60 pounds in a year. Would that not be life and health changing?

Losing 60 pounds certainly was life-changing for me!

10) Increase your step count I

was reading posts in a weight loss Facebook group about the number of steps people were taking each day.

I was awe struck and put to shame lol. Some of these ladies had 15,000 steps a day or more. When I get like 8,000 I feel accomplished lol.

One lady said that increasing her steps each day and intermittent fasting had helped her lose 26 pounds in 2 months which is amazing.

The best way to track your steps is with a fit bit. The one that I have is the FitBit Alta HR. I absolutely love it.

That’s why I was distraught when it stopped working due to it getting too wet. But the Fitbit company is awesome and they sent me a replacement free of charge! That’s why I love this company.

You can check out the deets on the Fitbit Alta HR below. 

Click to read the reviews for the Fitbit Alta HR!

Mentally/Emotionally Healthy Things 

11) Reflect

Take some time to reflect on your life and areas that you need to change. Don’t push away uncomfortable thoughts.

Explore them and see if that nagging feeling in your belly means the Lord wants to challenge you in some way. Start a journal and write down your thoughts and fears. Write down your goals and dreams.

I do firmly believe that this period of time will end and life will go back to normal. The question is Do you want your life to go back to normal.

Maybe normal wasn’t what you were really called to do. Take this to really seek God’s will for your life.

If this didn’t teach us anything else it should teach us that life is short and changing swiftly every day.

Don’t wait to level up. Start making steps towards it now.

12) Therapy

Don’t be afraid to get therapy during this time. You can speak to therapists over the phone, over Skype, and through chat and email.

I’m telling you from experience that online therapy really works if you really want help.

I’ve used and I know my life changed because of it.

Please take a look at this resource. Some of them help me overcome depression and it can work for you too.


13) Learn a language.

I love learning new languages! I’m not fluent in any of them yet but I enjoy giving my brain and my tongue a workout.

My favorite language learning app so far has been uTalk. It makes learning languages fun.

And now I can say please and thank you in Russian. Spasibo!

14) Up your skill game.

Are you thinking about looking for another job or changing careers? Now is the time to brush up on old skills or learn some new ones.

I’m learning how to use InDesign so I can use it to make planners and other digital products to sell on Etsy.

I’m taking courses on Skillshare to learn more about InDesign. Truth be told, I have a list a mile long of courses on Skillshare to take about all kinds of topics.

It’s a great way to learn a new skill on the cheap. There are other options as well like Udemy, Coursera, and there are free courses at Harvard and MIT.

Plenty of places to work your brain on.

15) Life Journal 

You can start a life journal in the same journal as your prayer journal. You would use this journal as a way to record your life dreams, goals, and plans. Then you could pray over those goals and plans to see if they are in God’s will. 

Financially Healthy Things

16) Budget

I know y’all know by now that you should have a budget right? Right? Please tell me you know that? If not, go make one…quickly. (Make a budget post).

17) Get Out Of Debt Plan

You should also be making a plan to get all the way out of debt. I’m talking student loans, mortgage, yo momma, credit cards and whoever. Make that debt snowball plan now please and then start doing it. God hates debt (verse) and so should you.

18) Side Hustle

You need a side hustle. You need a side hustle. You need a side hustle. And did I mention that you need a side hustle because you need a side hustle (make posts about different side hustles and how to start a side hustle).

No but for real y’all, I say this not to be pushy or mean but because we can see right now that having more than one source of income is literally a lifesaver. Please work towards getting multiple streams of income.

19) After Debt Plan

Are you already out of debt? Awesome feeling right? Then the phase is to have another goal that you’re working towards.

You can follow the baby steps of Dave Ramsey fame or come up with your own goal but just have a goal in mind.


Because when you get out of debt, it’s easy to just start spending again, and before you know you’re back in debt again.

So always have a financial goal so you can always be the boss of your money.

Which Life-Changing Ideas Will You Try While You’re Stuck At Home?

Alright you guys, these are the life changing things you can be doing right now in the comfort of your home.

You can level up, improve and change your life during this isolation period.

Do not let this time go to waste y’all (I’m so saying to myself too I promise you).

You will regret it. Use this time wisely and be blessed.





girl in black shirt on couch getting therapy stuck at home


Nicky Johnson is the owner and creator of Healthy As You Can (HAYC) and Christian Blogging Academy (CBA). She is also an author and certified life coach. She started this blog to help support other Christians who want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle but don't know where to start because it can be oh so confusing. She's still trying to figure it all out and as she does, she'll let you know!

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Nicky Johnson is the owner and creator of Healthy As You Can (HAYC) and Christian Blogging Academy (CBA). She is also an author and certified life coach. She started this blog to help support other Christians who want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle but don't know where to start because it can be oh so confusing. She's still trying to figure it all out and as she does, she'll let you know!

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Melissa @myhillsandvalleys - 06/11/2020 Reply

Really great suggestions in this post! & I totally relate to anxiety rearing its ugly head intermittently. God bless!

    Nicky - 06/13/2020 Reply

    Thanks Melissa! And ugh, anxiety…could it just go away already! God bless you too!

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