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Hello and Welcome!

Healthy As You Can is a Christian Lifestyle Blog that aims to support its followers in their journey to get healthy in all areas of their lives. So we’re not just talking about getting physically healthy. We’re thinking bigger than that.

We want get healthy and strong:

  • Spiritually (We want to have a closer relationship with Jesus and know what His purpose is for our lives.)

  • Financially (We want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, be good stewards of what God has given us, and give generously to others.)

  • Mentally and Emotionally ( We want to handle the challenges and trials that life hands us with grace and courage)

  • Physically (We want to be healthy physically because we know our bodies are temples…this includes beauty because I’m a strong believer that when you look good, you feel good.)

But let’s get real. Being healthy in all of these different areas sound good, yeah, but  are very difficult to achieve. We could even stress ourselves out trying to be so called “holistically” healthy but methinks that would defeat the point of this blog. So forget stressing out because we’re baby stepping this health thing.

We are going to get healthy but it won’t happen overnight and that’s okay because Rome wasn’t built in a day and we won’t be either. The goal is to make the healthiest choices you can make right now or in whatever situation you find yourself in without stressing out when you can’t be perfect.

We just have to learn how to extend grace to ourselves as we navigate the rough waters ahead. Lord knows I need it.

Oh and who am I, you may be asking? I am Angela Johnson, owner and creator of Healthy As You Can. I’m not even close to being the person God wants me to be but I’m getting closer every day (at least I hope!). So far, at this stage in my journey I’ve:

  • Lost 65 pounds (with many more to go)
  • Kicked over $10,000 of debt to the curb (and been able to save almost twice that much)
  • Written and self-published a book available on Amazon now
  • Went to therapy even though it terrified me (got to get mentally and emotionally strong, ya’ll)
  • Finally started pursing my dream of owning an online business
  • Started learning how to submit (YIKES) more to the Lord and leaning on his understanding and not my own
  • Started stepping out of my comfort zone.
  • Started learning how to be less controlled by fear
  • Learned to start accepting some of my physical flaws (even though I still wouldn’t mind if they disappeared)

Of course any lessons, insights, or tips I’ve gleaned through these experiences I’ll be eager to share with you because you know, that’s like the point of this blog. Me getting as healthy as I can means lots of blog posts ( and hopefully, one day, courses and coaching sessions) to help you get as healthy as you can. In the meantime, why not start here, if you’re new here. Or just jump right in with my latest post.