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owner and founder of Healthy As You Can
Hey Ya'll. I'm Nicky, owner and founder of HAYC...
Welcome to my corner of the internets...

I'm Nicky, and I created Healthy As You Can because so many women want to achieve the 4 pillars of health as I call them (physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health) but as you 

know, actually reaching these goals are sometimes like trying to eat soup with a spoon.

I totally relate to this frustration.

Because of my tumultuous walk with God, a 65 pound weight loss (& many more to come), overcoming depression, and getting out of $10,000 of debt on a tiny income & building a positive net worth, I wanted to walk with other women dealing with similar issues so they wouldn't feel alone. All of these things were possible through the power of Christ.

 I'm so excited to see where He takes us on our journeys.

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