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Try Creating These 20+ Lists In Your Journal When You’re Bored Or Anxious

Try Creating These 20+ Lists In Your Journal

20 Things to Write in your Journal When You’re Bored Or Anxious

Boredom and anxiety can go hand in hand (source).

The less you occupy your mind with positive activities the more time you have to fret over things that you can’t change.

So instead of sitting around being anxious about stuff you can’t do anything about, why not let your journal come to the rescue!

Your journal can be a great place for you to jot down your daily thoughts, goals, and dreams.

Once you start writing in your journal, it will be overflowing with ideas, plans, life details, interests, and random thoughts that you no longer have to tote around in your brain.

So today’s post, I’m going to share with you 20+ list ideas that you can put in your journal whenever you’re feeling bored or anxious!

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