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Fitbit Alta HR Features Explained In An Epic Review (+ Free Walking Journal)!

Fitbit Alta HR Features Explained

I know why you’re here.

You know you’re sitting too much.

You feel like you’re glued to your office chair at work or the couch at home for far too much of your day.

You heard that sitting was the new smoking (yikes!) and you’re up to 3 packs a day.

So you decided to take action and do something about.

You’re going to get a Fitbit…But with so many choices which one should you get?

Well, I had all of these same thoughts when I first decided to get a Fitbit.

I did my research and chose the Fitbit Alta HR and now I’m going to give you an epic review of it!

I have not regretted the choice I made over 2 years and I will share with you why in this post.

Although it hasn’t been all smooth sailing…I’ll tell you about that too.

Here’s what I’ll cover today: 

  • We’re going to go over some basic stuff first, like what a fitness tracker and fitbit are, if you can still buy the Fitbit Alta HR and more
  • I’m going to break each Fitbit feature down and rate them all individually. That way, if there is a certain feature that you are wondering about, you will get an idea of how well that one works.
  • Then I will give you an overall rating to tie it all together.Continue reading


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