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5 Awesome Benefits Of A Prayer Journal & How To Start One (Free Printables Included)

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Benefits Of A Prayer Journal 

Do you struggle to have meaningful prayer time with God every day?

I promise I won’t judge because I certainly do. I intend to pray and I sit down and several things might happen:

1) My mind wanders
2) I fall asleep
3) insert your own mishap here.

I really hate that this happens so often because there’s so much to pray for and even though I don’t understand it completely (more on that in another post) I know prayer changes things in a mighty way.

And I need some things changed not just for me but for others around me. So prayer must happen.

But how can I solve these issues I’ve been having?

Well, I’ve been seeing prayer journals pop up everywhere on Pinterest and I believe that it will be the answer to my prayers (on bad & cheesy joke I know).

So in today’s post, I’m going to talk about what you need to start a prayer journal and the benefits I believe you will get from using one.Continue reading


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