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25 Powerful Signs Of An Emotionally Healthy Woman

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Signs Of An Emotionally Healthy Woman

Does it sometimes feel like the world has gone stark raving mad and they are trying to drive you to crazy town with them?

Sometimes it’s people trying to pull you into their drama at work (“Girl, did you hear what Susie Q said to me?”)…

Or your husband saying stuff (“Why aren’t my pants ironed yet”)…

Or your kids tripping at school (“Mrs.So&So, This is the principal at Central High School. We need you to come down here right away”).

Or it’s the news or social media (News Headline: “The Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened In The Existence Of The World Has Happened Just This Morning“).

Of course, I’m being a little tongue in cheek but there does seem to always be something or someone that is trying to mess with our emotional and mental state.

So if you’re able to have these 23 signs of an emotionally healthy woman in the midst of all the dramas of life and constant state of outrage that the media seems to claim we are in you’ve got it going on.

If only I had a dollar for every time a news headline said something or someone “sparked outrage” I’d have at least $5,000 dollars by now.

So let’s get into it but first, if you want to dive even deeper into this topic then you can get a free copy of my Emotional Health Inventory where you can take an emotional health quiz and then I give you a little analysis of your results. Continue reading


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