How To Challenge Yourself To Workout & Get Stronger Legs At Home

woman stretching her legs working out

How To Challenge Yourself To Workout & Get Stronger Leg At Home

For me, besides writing, traveling is life.

Well okay, it’s not quite that serious but it’s pretty major. My heart pounds at the mere thought of hopping on a plane that’s bound for a far off land and exploring a new culture and meeting new people.

For me, it’s Jesus, family, writing with traveling following closely behind.

The wanderlust is strong with this one.

However, there are ummm, how do we say, obstacles that get in the way of me traveling as much as I need to (and I do mean need):

1. Money
2. Money
3. Being out of shape

Now, I know you can travel if you’re out of shape.

But when I went to London over 10 years ago, we did a whole lot of walking.

And when I say a whole lot, I mean in the sedentary kind of way.

No, we weren’t walking 15 miles a day but we were doing 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day.

When you’re out of shape, that’s a whole lot of steps.Continue reading

How To Battle Anxiety-Related Procrastination & Live An Spirit-Led Christian Life

woman with pillow on head procrastinating

Procrastination In Christian Life

This is part 2 of my How To Overcome Anxiety-Based Procrastination blog post series.

I split it up only because there’s so much information here that it might overwhelm you if you tried to read it all in one sitting.

If you haven’t read part 1 of this anxiety-based procrastination series, please click here and do so because part 2 probably won’t make much sense without you reading the beginning.

Know what I mean, Verne?

Let’s pick things back up with Step 3.Continue reading

5 Unique Ways To Increase Your Energy Levels In The Morning Without Coffee

how to get more energy in the morning without coffee

How To Increase Your Energy Levels In The Morning Without Caffeine

You already know there’s a better way.

You just don’t know how to find that way.

How do you increase your energy in the morning without resorting to sugar-laden coffee?

Because this hitting the snooze on the alarm every morning, dragging out of bed, and reaching for coffee as soon as you can stumble your way into the kitchen is not the abundant life that Jesus was talking about in John 10:10.

Let’s face it.

Many of us are worn out.

Some of us have been this way for so long we think it’s normal.

Some of us are so unacquainted with energy, we wouldn’t recognize it if it walked up to us and introduced itself (Hi, I’m energy nice to meet you).

It would be awesome if energy would just walk up to us and inject itself into us but instead energy is more like:

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How To Overcome Anxiety-Based Procrastination & Pursue God’s Plan For Your Life (Part 1)

clock with blue stick note saying later about procrastination

How To Overcome Anxiety-Based Procrastination

You’re ready for a life change…

You know the Lord is calling you to do something different with your life. Not just like buy a new bible or pray a little bit longer or try that new Sunday school class.

No, He wants you to do something big. Radical. Scary (yikes). And he’s been wanting you to do it for a while now…like maybe even years.

But you’re too scared to jump out there in faith and start whatever it is that he’s been wanting you to do.

So you procrastinate because your anxiety is off the charts (also known as anxiety-based procrastination…it has other names too that I’ll discuss later).

You let everything including the kitchen sink (hey the dishes have to get done, amirite?) get in the way of following God’s plan for your life (ask me how I know).

How To Know If God Is Leading You To Do This Project You Keep Procrastinating  

Every time the Holy Spirit starts poking prodding you to start the project ( in fact that’s what we’ll call it throughout the duration of this post, the project) you’re all ” is this really what I’m supposed to do? If only I could get a sign”

And because no clouds roll back like a scroll, no dove descends upon your shoulder, and no booming voice from heaven proclaims “yes my child this is exactly what you must do. Go forth and use thine talents in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit” you act all brand new like you aren’t sure your really being “lead” or not.

Well, let’s establish something.

If the project is challenging, outside of your comfort zone, scares you a little (or to death) and it will glorify God and serve people, it’s prolly God’s will.


Trust me, I feel your pain.

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