How To Build An Emergency Savings Fund In 3 Painless Steps (Printable Tracker/Action Plan included)

calculator and savings fund

Starting an emergency or savings fund will be one of the best financial decisions you ever make.

If you don’t have one, I promise you, it’s really simple to understand what you need to do to build. 

Then that begs the question:

If it’s so simple, why don’t more people have an emergency savings fund?

Well besides sometimes not knowing how important it is, building a savings fund requires discipline and self-control.

I know I know…no fun, right. But it’s important to understand that many of the money problems that we face are emotional and psychological.

Sometimes our money problems are because we don’t make enough.

But sometimes it’s are money problems stem seeing that new dress or buying that daily Starbucks coffee that we just have to have (or so we think).

I’ll warn you upfront. Building an emergency fund won’t be fun (although my emergency fund freebie can make it more fun…I’ll tell you more about it later). Continue reading

5 Affordable & Natural Supplements That Helped REVERSE My Prediabetes

diabetic woman glucose shot

Natural Supplements To Fight Prediabetes

Did you know that it’s possible to reverse prediabetes?

I know I know…when I was diagnosed with prediabetes I just knew that it was inevitable that I would eventually get diabetes.

And I had heard for years from my grandmother how serious diabetes is and how you don’t want to get it and on and on.

So when a nurse practitioner at my clinic told me I was prediabetic, I was so scared. But then I got to work to see what I could do to reverse it and to get off of Metformin which they put me on.

I’m grateful to say that I no longer take Metformin and I no longer have prediabetes, praise God. So how did I do it?

Continue reading

25 Powerful Signs Of An Emotionally Healthy Woman

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Signs Of An Emotionally Healthy Woman

Does it sometimes feel like the world has gone stark raving mad and they are trying to drive you to crazy town with them?

Sometimes it’s people trying to pull you into their drama at work (“Girl, did you hear what Susie Q said to me?”)…

Or your husband saying stuff (“Why aren’t my pants ironed yet”)…

Or your kids tripping at school (“Mrs.So&So, This is the principal at Central High School. We need you to come down here right away”).

Or it’s the news or social media (News Headline: “The Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened In The Existence Of The World Has Happened Just This Morning“).

Of course, I’m being a little tongue in cheek but there does seem to always be something or someone that is trying to mess with our emotional and mental state.

So if you’re able to have these 23 signs of an emotionally healthy woman in the midst of all the dramas of life and constant state of outrage that the media seems to claim we are in you’ve got it going on.

If only I had a dollar for every time a news headline said something or someone “sparked outrage” I’d have at least $5,000 dollars by now.

So let’s get into it but first, if you want to dive even deeper into this topic then you can get a free copy of my Emotional Health Inventory where you can take an emotional health quiz and then I give you a little analysis of your results. Continue reading


Why Do So Many Teens Leave Christianity As Adults?

This is a conversation that I’ve had many times and you probably have too. Why do so many of our kids that grew up in church leave Christianity when they become adults?

It is said that many teenagers leave the church when they become adults. This is no doubt shocking and sad.

Well, the bible does foretell us of a great falling away in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 (I’m not sure if that’s what’s going on or not) but if it is, it is alarming to see it happening right before our very eyes.

It makes you wonder (if this is prophecy) if there is nothing we can do about it. Is it just inevitable that so many people will quote-unquote “fall away”?Continue reading


5 Awesome Benefits Of A Prayer Journal & How To Start One (Free Printables Included)

woman writing in prayer journal

Benefits Of A Prayer Journal 

Do you struggle to have meaningful prayer time with God every day?

I promise I won’t judge because I certainly do. I intend to pray and I sit down and several things might happen:

1) My mind wanders
2) I fall asleep
3) insert your own mishap here.

I really hate that this happens so often because there’s so much to pray for and even though I don’t understand it completely (more on that in another post) I know prayer changes things in a mighty way.

And I need some things changed not just for me but for others around me. So prayer must happen.

But how can I solve these issues I’ve been having?

Well, I’ve been seeing prayer journals pop up everywhere on Pinterest and I believe that it will be the answer to my prayers (on bad & cheesy joke I know).

So in today’s post, I’m going to talk about what you need to start a prayer journal and the benefits I believe you will get from using one.Continue reading

31 Life-Changing Scriptures For Overcoming Fear (A Bible Reading Plan For Anxiety)

blue table bibles being read

Bible Reading Plan For Anxiety

Anxiety is something that so many people struggle with. And not just people in general but Christians in particular even though Jesus said about a million times don’t be anxious.

As much as He said this though it’s still a negative emotion that many of us can’t shake.

So I’ve put together this bible reading plan of Bible verses that talks about anxiety. I got this list from: reading

How To Make Money & Be Successful According To 31 Legendary People (Quotes Post)

There is so much wisdom in the Bible about money and it’s definitely something that I will continue to talk about in the future.

But you can find inspiration and knowledge from others as well when it comes to making money and being successful.

In fact, the advice that these legendary people give about making money is often counterintuitive to the way many people think you become wealthy.

There is a refrain inherit in these quotes about money which I find quite refreshing. Many of them purport the values of hard work, never giving up, being courageous, and being wise.

Let’s take a look at what these people have to say.Continue reading

How To Eat More Vegetables For Weight Loss Even If You Think You Don’t Like Them

vegetables meal prep

How To Eat More Vegetables

I have to admit I’ve been low energy here lately.

And I certainly know why. I have not been eating as healthy as I should.

I’ve been relying on convenience foods that take no time to prepare and my energy has plummeted and weight loss has stalled.

So I know that changes need to be made. I’m assuming that if you’re here you too want to make changes and want to know how to eat more vegetables.

Well, I’m truly glad you’re here to go on this journey with me.

I would love to just eat whatever and not worry about it but I know that meal planning and meal prepping are my friends when it comes to weight loss.

So I’ve researched and found 3 simple ways to incorporate vegetables into your diet in a natural way.Continue reading


7 Travel Carry On Essentials Every Girl Needs Before Her Next Long Flight

woman in white dress with carry on bag

Carry On Essentials For Your Next Long Flight

Stepping inside of an airport fills me with joy.

No, it’s not because of the long lines and security checks. It’s because airports signify that adventure awaits me.

The airport is the first stop on a journey filled with exciting unknowns and memories waiting to be made.

But guess what else could be waiting for you? Fees. Luggage fees. That is unless you’re like the other savvy travelers who only tote carry on luggage.Continue reading

3 Genius Moves Smart Women Make Before They Get Their Next Paycheck To Stay Ahead

Does this sound familiar?

“Once again it’s the end of the month and I’m broke.

I don’t have any idea where my money went. I planned to save whatever money was left over at the end of the month but there isn’t any left over.

Maybe next month there will be.”

Ugh, how does this keep happening? I mean you are watching every single dollar that you spend, right?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you probably weren’t. I used to do this all the time. I’d look at my bank statements and ask questions like:

When did I buy that?
And why did I buy that?
Is it too late to take it back?
Because I’m pretty sure I don’t need it.

And that’s the trouble with flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to your money.

When you don’t have a plan for your money you better believe that the grocery store, the mall, and Amazon have a plan for your money.

Trust me, girl, they got you especially when you don’t. Let me explain why at the end of the month you have no money left over to save for yourself.Continue reading

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