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January 11, 2018

How to Stop Procrastinating: 7 Powerful Steps To Stop Procrastinating And Pursue Your Passion


You’re ready for a life change. You know the Lord is calling you to do something different with your life. Not just like buy a new bible or pray a little bit longer or try that new Sunday school class.

No, He wants you to do something big. Radical. Scary (yikes). And he’s been wanting you to do it for a while now…like maybe even years. But your too scared to jump out there in faith and start whatever it is that he’s been wanting you to do.

So you procrastinate. You let everything including the kitchen sink (hey the dishes have to get done, amirite?) get in the way of following God’s plan for your life (ask me how I know).

Every time the Holy Spirit starts poking prodding you to start the project ( in fact that’s what we’ll call it throughout the duration of this post, the project) you’re all ” is this really what I’m supposed to do? If only I could get a sign”

And because no clouds roll back like a scroll, no dove descends upon your shoulder, and no booming voice from heaven proclaims “yes my child this is exactly what you must do. Go forth and use thine talents in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit” you act all brand new like you aren’t sure your really being “lead” or not.

Well, lets establish something.

If the project is challenging, outside of your comfort zone, scares you a little (or to death) and it will glorify God and serve people, it’s prolly God’s will.


Trust me, I feel your pain.


So now what. You’ve got big scary project staring you in the face, haunting you at every step but you can’t seem to take that next step to actually doing it. You procrastinate and put everything before this project but I’m here to tell you something.

You are reading the words of the queen of procrastination. I’ve been “working” on this blog for the past 2 years (yeah, i know, it’s completely ridiculous) too terrified to hit publish on my first post. And yet here you are right now reading it.  So if there’s hope for me then I promise there’s hope for you.

But how? I hear you ask. Well that’s what this post is all about . I’m going to show you how I’ve gone from the queen of procrastination to the girl that (sometimes) says let’s do this!

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